About Us

Founded in 2014 Resume Force was started in order help individuals achieve their purpose in marketing themselves for their dream job. The business was started by James who also at one stage in his life found it hard to find a job, even though he had finished a university degree with a double major in Supply Chain Management and Human Resource Management. After being unable to land the job that he had studied for and working in other arduous jobs for several years which did not relate to his degree, James decided to have another crack at going for his dream job. By chance he stumbled upon a friend who was in the dream job that they studied for. After working on his resume with this friend, James was able to redefine his skills and attributes to market himself effectively in an increasing competitive market. The next week he landed three interviews. However getting an interview was not enough, in order to land the dream job further training was required. By luck James had run into another friend who had progressed very high in a multi-national mining company. He gave James a quick crash course on the interview process on how to answer questions and be confident within the interview. With these two tools in hand James was able to land the dream job he had studied for. Since then James has refined many professional and trade based resumes to help many of his friends, family and colleagues to land their dream jobs. It is the goal of James to help individuals in not only providing an attractive resume but to be able to train them for their interview. The metaphor that is used by James is that “you are an actor on the stage at your interview and you have only one chance at impressing your audience.” You need to be prepared in order to make it happen.